What Listeners Are Saying

“This is attractive and approachable music.  Mr. Maxfield has also aptly set each text so that the meaning comes through loud and clear.” 
— Eric Glissmeyer, Station Manager of Classical 89 KBYU-FM.

[Wendell Berry] has received numerous awards, but never anything like this tribute, which puts Berry’s words to music—in two distinct formats, each succeeding admirably.
— Dan Forte, Vintage Guitar Magazine

“Maxfield’s settings of Wendell Berry’s texts are fresh and innovative …text and music are wedded beautifully together in every piece from the most contemplative and poignant to the powerfully dramatic, from lively dance tunes to simple prayers.” 
—Brady R. Allred, Artistic Director & Conductor, Salt Lake Choral Artists

" ... one of the state’s most ambitious musical projects."
—Salt Lake Tribune

“... high quality, meaningful, valuable ; it’s a good fit for public radio listeners.”
—Stephanie Elkins, Wisconsin Public Radio

“[A] monumental and important project.”
—Joyce Kinkead, Utah State University

“This recording is a wonderful look at the future of choral music.”
—Bryson Mortensen, University of Wisconsin–Rock County

"I am enjoying the CD set very much.  I shared some of the poetry and music with some friends at a women's gathering last night.  Some already know Wendell Berry.  Those that didn't, were glad to be introduced.  You've done a wonderful job of turning Berry's poems into music that does indeed reflect rural Kentucky.  And I'll be passing along Eric Bibb's hymn, I Will Remember, to my pastor for use in worship."
—Carolyn S., customer

"I received the two album set of music based on Mr. Berry's beautiful poetry. I love every second of it! This poetry set to [Maxfield and Bibb's] music is truly a gift."
—Nate O., customer

"I am really appreciating the choral CD and looking forward to sharing it with my choral teacher friend ... I will be sure to pass your wonderful musical information around to my friends. What an amazing idea to combine Wendell Berry's words to beautiful music. Thanks for the great work!"
—Marilyn W., customer

"This is for all fans of Wendell Berry, as well as choral and folk-blues fans."
—Politics & Prose

"I want to thank you for In Song and Shade. Just this Wednesday I drove from my home in upstate New York to my family homestead in Maine. I spent the first hour or so listening to the alternating Beauty of Mr. Berry reading his poems and your music. The morning was sun filled, and the early fall leaves were beautiful. I really needed to hear Mr. Berry's words, and your music. It really touched a deep part of my heart. Thank you."

—Spencer C., customer